Things You MUST Do the Day before Wedding

Anxiety and nervous reactions are normal especially the night before your wedding. During the day, you spent countless hours making last-minute arrangements, confirming emails, and ensuring things are perfect. These hustles usually leave you exhausted and utterly tensed, but you can channel the energy into doing the following things;

Eat Healthy And Drink A Lot Of Water – observe your meal contents because walking down the aisle with an upset stomach is uncomfortable. You can settle for your normal eating routine accompanied by fresh fruits and adequate water. The last day usually comes with numerous tasks that leave you hungry and dehydrated. Therefore, a proper diet is necessary as well as staying hydrated.

Pack Your Personal Items – gather all your essentials and select the most significant ones for the wedding day. Some of the items include tissues, tampons, deodorant, makeup kit, hair clip, your vendors’ phone numbers, etc. The list is endless, and you can separate the items based on time (things you need during the reception or the evening party). Hand over the clutch bags to your maid of honor or send them to your hotel room. Either way, you are set for the big day.

Hand Over Your Phone – the idea of a phoneless day displeases most couples, but it is necessary. You can redirect your calls or put your cell phone on silent mode. Allow your wedding planner or maid of honor to deal with emergencies and receive your calls (unless it’s personal or requires your immediate attention). Your mom or sister can also coordinate minor tasks like talking to the DJ, showing caterers where each table goes or giving vendors the venue directions.

Pack a Survival Kit – collect a variety of must-have items like safety pins, thread, button, makeup remover, medicine, hairpins, floral tape, hair spray, etc. Survival kits play a significant role during a wedding. For instance, having an Advil at close range can ease your headaches or migraines instantly. A sewing kit could also come in handy when the wedding gown gets torn.

Make Final Preparations – hiring a wedding planner or coordinator does not ease your mind completely. Most couples become involved with the entire plan to the very end. The day before your wedding should be spent confirming vendors, emails, honeymoon arrangements, guests’ accommodation settings, etc. You should also spare some time at the spa for a full body massage and makeover. You can even invite your bridal team for lunch at a reputable resort.

Your last task before sleeping includes sending your partner a love note. Since you cannot see each other, slip the letter to his room or forward it via his best man. Do not let wedding jitters keep you awake. You need enough rest to survive the following day’s celebrations. The above must-do tasks help you focus and prevent a nervous breakdown. The more occupied your mind becomes, the less you worry. Ideally, making sure that everything is perfect allows you to enjoy your wedding comfortably.