The Trendy 2019 Bikinis For Women Of All Sizes And Shapes

With the warm months approaching, it’s time to hit the beach and show off your swimwear! The fashion magazines are showing nothing but chic bikinis – worn by models with flat stomachs, small breasts and firm buttocks. Looks great, but, unfortunately, not every girl has such measures. The average woman is blessed with wide hips, large breasts and chubby thighs. No worries, though, because no matter what flaws you discover, below are some tips to find the bikini that suits your curves best.

Triangular bikinis are off limit for large breasts

Almost without exception, only triangle and bandeau bikinis can be caught this season at leading fashion chains. Cute, but problematic, because the carriers cannot hold a hefty bosom above cup size B. Moreover, most of these models are not supported, so no firming effect can be achieved. This also applies to strapless bandeau bikini tops: You move; they slip. Women with large breasts should never resort to such styles, as involuntarily disclosure of your chests in the water or at the beach is inevitable.

Luscious rounding needs proper cover

Luscious curves must be covered accordingly to their volume. Only that way they will be brought into perfect spotlight. Well suited swim suit tops that are cut like a bra, with brackets and safety closure, provide confidence and comfort. You should also make sure that the model of your choice has wide straps because they act against gravity and support your breasts.

Simple pants for wide hips

If you have wide hips and a plump butt, you should avoid extremes, such as low-cut bikini pants. Ideal are hot-pants cuts, which conceal the legs and buttocks discreetly. Make sure that the panty is finished in muted colors. The top may be more extravagant and colorful.

A deep leg cut takes the attention off of short legs

Ladies with short legs should use low-cut swimwear panties. This bottom extends the legs optically in the direction of the waist. It is important that the triangular-cut pants fit well because if they are to big will seem lost in it. The best selections are solid-colored pants, as patterns set the proportions in unfavorable scenes.

The right store is essential to find the ideal bikini

Last but not least, take your time when purchasing a swimsuit, and do not only enter traditional department store, for that matter. These stores are generally not fashion oriented and forget about the figure concerns of their customers. It can become quickly frustrating to stand with a cup size D between mini bandeau swimwear. You will find more varieties in trendy fashion boutiques than in a traditional outlet. They usually keep models of all sizes; and in addition, you can always ask for professional advice.