Gifts for the anniversary

You Complete Me Keychain Set —


These cute keychain set is a good gift option for a wedding or dating anniversary. The keychains are made of hypoallergenic aluminum and stainless steel, and complete with a sweet organza handbag. On the keychains will be engraved your dating or wedding date.


7th Wedding Anniversary Gift – Copper Vintage Key Necklace —


It is known that the seventh anniversary is traditionally symbolized by copper. That’s why this elegant copper key-shaped necklace will be an excellent gift for your second half on the 7th anniversary of the wedding. The best addition to this necklace will be the quote from Sir Thomas Browne, a 17th century English author, “Let him have the key of his heart, who hath the key of his own”.


Anniversary gift, Wooden Rose for 5 year —


This handmade rose from natural wood shavings will be a wonderful gift for the fifth anniversary of the wedding. This long-lasting symbol of your love will undoubtedly enthrall your beloved woman. Unique handmade, produced in the USA.


Customizable Heart & Initials Pattern – Paper Anniversary Gift —


This unusual gift will be a real surprise on the fifth anniversary wedding. This book sculpture is made according to your order, with the first letters of your names or the date of your wedding. Between the letters and numbers there is a cute heart-shaped sculpture.


Heart Sweatshirt —


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