Accessories Trending In 2018

The fashion industry has never ceased to amaze people with elegance and many inspiring looks. Whether its clothing, shoes, bags, or jewelry, competing designers usually have a surprise for the public. The most daring designs have dominated the world. They have also attracted millions of people towards changing their looks. The analysis below displays some of the accessories trending in 2018;

Big Handbags – women handbags have currently taken a new direction where big is more stylish than medium. Some are even large enough to accommodate an entire outfit including makeup kit, deodorant, backup dress and shoes, hairspray, and other essentials. Despite their size, the handbags have become popular for all women (mothers, students, working ladies, etc.). Note that, these bags come with attached or detached compartments as well. 

Designer Backpacks – they are the most trending items among teenagers and young adults. They come in different color, designs, material, and style. Some satchels possess high-quality fabric or leather while the newest arrivals have beautiful patterns and accessorized outlook.

Leaves And Chandeliers – fashion designers have modified leaves into earrings, necklaces, belts, rings, and bracelets among others. They also enhance attires if strategically placed to obtain a dashing look. Experts have also decided to add elegance in the form of chandeliers. Their application no longer applies to ceilings only but also to earrings. The oversized chandelier earrings seem to have captured a lot of attention. They are a perfect fit for a ballroom or gallant events.

Scarfs And Blankets – silk, floral, and colorful scarves are trending all over the world. The best part is you can use them to achieve different looks. Ideally, you can use them as belts, shoe strap, bag straps, etc. They also provide a stylish look when used to secure your hair either up, down or any style you desire. Other trending fabrics include cotton neck scarf and plaid blankets.

Cuff Bracelets And Big Or Multiple Bangles – cuff bracelets are making a statement on the runway accompanied by big or multiple bangles. They come in various designs, cosmic colors, and shapes. Some people prefer a uniform set while others would wear rainbow colors for a dramatic effect. However, the most trending accessory happens to be cosmic-colored and ruby-enhanced cuff bracelets. Silk thread and multilayered bangles have also gained popularity.

Flowers – as much as floral patterns dominated the clothing industry, its application has become an inspiration to everything including shoes, handbags, designer pins, earrings, necklaces, etc. Some fashion companies seem to have adopted the trend in creating flower-shaped clutch bags while others develop unique hairpins.

Waist Belt – clinching belts are 2018’s finest accessory creation that can easily become modified. You can wear them either under or over outerwear. Interestingly, some have a strap extension for holding or hoisting small bags. Oversized waist belts have also made headlines, but their popularity doesn’t measure up to the clinching waist belts. A majority have colorful yet elegant designs while others take a simple but striking outlook.