5 Most Popular Haircuts 2018

If you are looking to change your look, try the following trending haircuts;

The modern undercut and Elvis cut – the modern undercut is a stylish outlook for men with long or short hair. Usually, the hair at the side and back is shaven leaving the desired length at the top. You can style it using gel or comb it backward or sideways. Anyone can have this haircut including business men and celebrities. The Elvis cut shortens hair on both sides, and the top part straightened forward. However, the front section is brushed up using wax or styling cream. It’s a simple yet classic haircut adopted by many celebrities.

Pixie Haircut – it is one of the most trending hairstyle among women today. If you are looking to shorten your hair, this is the most styling look. Stylists usually leave the top part slightly longer as the back, and the sides become shortened. Maintaining the hairstyle is easy, and it is suitable for casual and special occasions. Pixie haircut comes with various looks based on a person’s artistic skills. You can go for the modern boyish pixie or buzzed undercuts with highlights. There are other styles with different bangs option and androgynous pixie cuts as well.

Buzz Cut And The Fade Out Cut – also known as the military cut, the buzz cut trims all the hair, and then the stylist uses clippers to create a slight fade at the back and sideways. Fade out cuts are slightly different because the hair at the top is evened out and well-shaped. Both styles give men outstanding looks, and it is sometimes known to evoke respect. Former President Barack Obama and Will Smith respectively wear these two haircuts stylishly. Famous players and artists have also adopted the haircut.

Bald Head – clean shaven heads are no longer men’s territory. Even women from all corners have embraced the uniqueness of having no hair. Some are opting for partial baldness while others prefer a clean shave. In most cases, baldness signifies boldness especially since it inspires cancer patient. We have seen selfless people go bald to support their loved ones and that encourages stylists to come up with new styles. While some men use various chemicals to trigger hair growth, famous artists like Jason Statham embrace their natural baldness with pride. Award-winning celebrities like Dwayne Jason and jazz sensation artist Dee Dee Bridgewater have also rocked the bald style impressively.

The Bad Boy Cut – it may look messy, but the hairstyle requires a professional to make it look stylishly tousled. However, the haircut can be modified to obtain different looks such as popping rock star, disheveled, wavy textured fringe, modern quiff, pompadour, etc. it gives men a youthful yet rebellious image. Therefore, it’s limited to celebrities, playboys, and models. If you are looking for a casual look, this hairstyle is perfect. Most importantly, you can do it at home with pomade or gel as long as your side, and back hair is well-trimmed (shortened).