5 Awesome Looks Of 2018

Glamour and style come in various ways whether in street form or ballroom based. We have seen the fashion industry adopt different looks from 80s’ ghetto look to the floral and plaid designs. Either way, people have embraced various inspiring styles but let us explore what’s trending in 2018;

Flowers And Polka Dots – these two adaptations have dominated the spring/summer fashion trends competitively. Fashion designers in 2018 have not disappointed the public because a majority of women look gorgeous with stylish floral prints or polka dots attires. Celebrities and other iconic women have been spotted rocking the style. According to fashion experts, floral designs are hard to capture properly

The 70s’ Style – 2018 has made the 70s’ fashion trend a comeback. So far, peasant tops in various retro-colored pieces and elongated-collar blouses have made a statement. More denim-on-denim adaptations have dominated the streets with most designers getting creative with the fabric. Velvet has also made a massive comeback especially since you can wear it all year round. French-inspired looks also reign the 2018 fashion industry across the globe. Ideally, even the 70’s hairstyle and make-up have increased in popularity today. People have adopted more from past eras than small fashion details. The hippy styles and sporty chic fashions are all over including suede shades, high-waist designs, bell-bottoms, etc.

Nerd Chic – according to various observations, nerd is the new sexy style trending in 2018. There are multiple ways to achieve this look, and one of them includes wearing plastic optical glasses with classic black rim or tortoise-shell frames. Enhance the nerdy appearance with knee-high socks which match with any shoe ranging from loafers to high-heels. A leather satchel helps you maintain a sassy and retro vibe. Knee-high pleated skirts have also made headline especially with sizeable round glasses, ankle boots, polka dots sweater, and a collared blouse. You can also appear sophisticated and nerdy with a tie-neck blouse and shorts or a skirt.

Vintage Wear And Overall – leather, shearling, and suede coats or jackets were once the 80s’ most popular fashion trends. Today, they have become ideal winter wears for both genders. Leather is everywhere including shoes, handbags, designer backpacks, earrings, chokers, etc. Overalls and jumpsuits have also made a comeback. Instead of having the rough material, designers are using denim to capture a retro outlook. Ideally, young, energetic women have found comfort in confined slip-in attire.

Power Suits – this fashion trend was popular then, and it’s trending more in 2018. The dress-up was once mandatory in the corporate world, but today, power suits have taken a new direction. A lady-made blazer worn with wide-leg trousers, silky tee, and pointed boots is perfect for the autumn season. To obtain a classy modern look, wear power suits with black pumps and if possible, add a long topcoat cover. Power suits have also gained street credit with fitting pants, a lady-made blazer, heels, and simple, feminine t-shirts. Ideally, the fashion style is applicable casually and as an official.